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One or more of the following techniques may be chosen in combination and applied by your Osteopath.

Soft Tissue Therapy- commonly known as massage.

Articulation ( G.O.T.)-General Osteopathic Technique; is exaggerated movement of any joint system within the body, it acts to increase the fluid lubrication within the joint and restore the normal joint range of motion.

Muscle Energy Technique (M.E.T.)- aims to improve the freedom of movement in restricted muscles or joints by getting the patient to engage their muscles to push or pull in a certain direction against a small resistance applied by the Osteopath.

High Velocity Low Amplitude (H.V.L.A.)- a manipulative technique used to remove a “barrier” obstruction to movement within a joint. A quick gentle direct force is applied to move it through its restriction. A click is often heard or felt. Improved movement is noted.

Indirect- a variety of very gentle, slight pressure hand holds which help settle tissues in a subtle and non irritative way. Commonly used on new-borns, babies, elderly and very acute pain presentations.

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (O.C.F.)- gentle indirect hand holds commonly applied to the head or tail bone to improve the direction and rate of flow of Cerebro-spinal fluid (c.s.f.) the result of which improves the central nervous system function.

Visceral- indirect techniques applied specifically to the internal organs to improve their function.

Stretching- lengthening of 1 or more muscles to restore desired position and relaxation.

Other- exercise, posture, diet and rehabilitation advice may also be discussed and offered by your Osteopath.

*This information is intended to be an introductory overview only, and is in no way binding. If you have further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask your Osteopath for further explanation.

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