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Babies and children

Babies and Children

The most recent paediatric research explains that the forces imposed on a growing body whether it be a foetus in the womb, a new born during delivery or a developing child learning to walk and run, if left untreated can have a lasting, limiting impression on their growth. This too attributes to many of the unwanted and un necessary side effects seen at the various growth and development stages in a childs’ journey.  Gentle indirect techniques are commonly used to decrease these strains in the young body and restore health normal growth constraints.  Examples of conditions and opportunities where Osteopathic care and treatment can be of help-

  • unsettled babies-difficulty feeding & sucking, sleeping disturbances, misshapen heads, reflux & colic, wind trouble, sticky eye, head only turned one way and delayed development.
  • older children-repeat infections such as tonsillitis & glue ear, immune deficiencies general illness colds etc, asthma
  • General- co-ordination & balance issues, behavioural disturbances, bed wetting, after sports injuries or big falls and other trauma.
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