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Osteopathy - is a ‘hands on’ manual medicine healthcare approach developed in the 1800's by Dr Still.

It follows a series of principles/ beliefs:

  • The body is a unit- all parts are connected, ie a stubbed toe then affects walking.
  • The body has its own ability to heal- tissues replace, regenerate and recover constantly when body health is present.
  • Structure and Function are interrelated- the position/ posture of the body will affect how well that area functions ie. A tight shoulder will restrict a portion of blood, nerve and lymph flow into and out of the arm, thus decreasing its optimum operation.

In an Osteopathic consultation the aim of the Osteopath is to acquire information through discussion and physical examination on your health status, past medical history, pain patterns and presenting complaints.

A practitioner then does a series of whole body screening and performs any relevant diagnostic tests to the area being examined.

Once the areas requiring treatment are evident, various manual techniques approaching the whole body, along with advice, all tailored to each individual patient can be utilised to best optimise Your bodies position, posture, healing ability and function = aiming for better body health.

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